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Manscaped discount code : HEON20 shop at Cardo Systems discount codes : Julien15 Shop at: *The discount codes found here might or might not generate an affiliate commission.

Ski Trip in the Alps

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As an avid skier, I’ve always felt drawn to the Alps. In the winter of 2023, I was at last able to travel there and ski down those mythical mountains. This article tells the story of my trip, but I’ll also give some tips for those who, like me, want to explore the unique playground that is the French and Swiss Alps. Having travelled and skied all over Canada, I’ve long had an eye on

Skiing in Whistler: Julien Heon’s Picks

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Twenty years ago, I had the opportunity to leave my hometown to live in Whistler for a year. I immediately fell in love with this place where the mountains are impressive and intimidating. Still, the proximity to Vancouver and its warm climate, even in winter, makes us forget about our frigid Quebec winters. Here are my picks. When I left Whistler to come back to Quebec, I told myself that I had to return at

Trip to the Heart of Rossignol Alpine Skis

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Manufacturing alpine skis remains an extremely complex process. Exploration of a cutting-edge factory deep in the French Alps—the Rossignol plant in Sallanches. The Sallanches factory, located at the foot of mythical Mont Blanc, is one of the main factories manufacturing Rossignol alpine skis. Skis have been made there since 1963. Between 900 and 1,200 pairs of skis are produced daily in the Sallanches factory, which runs twenty-four hours a day. But why, with the exodus

iPhone photography & Speed effect

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Many of you have been asking – can we get a low speed shutter or speed effect shooting with an iPhone. The answer is yes, and pretty simple. You’ll need some practice, and a bit of luck, though. The first good news is that you can achieve this blurry / in motion effect without downloading or paying for an app. With your iPhone, ensure your are shooting in “live mode”. You’ll want to ensure that