iPhone photography & Speed effect

Many of you have been asking – can we get a low speed shutter or speed effect shooting with an iPhone. The answer is yes, and pretty simple. You’ll need some practice, and a bit of luck, though.

The first good news is that you can achieve this blurry / in motion effect without downloading or paying for an app.

With your iPhone, ensure your are shooting in “live mode”. You’ll want to ensure that your phone is moving at the same speed as your subject. The idea is to create a link between you and the subject, which is what will then create everything else to be moving (or to be static while the subject moves).

The iPhone will let you see if the focus is on the subject – you should be able to see the focus tracking on your subject’s face, if the subject is a person.

Then, go see your photo, and swipe up, you will have different options showing below. One of them will be “Long Exposure”. Select this one, and if you were succesful, the subject should be relatively crisps while everything else should move.

In the example below, you’ll notice the legs are also moving as we’re shooting someone on a bike, even more speed effect!

Note that this photo was not retouched.